I’m for You – Toby Mac

Original Song : Toby Mac

Re-arranged by : Worldwide Music Production

Worldwide Music Production is an audio production team that engage in the live performance, wedding entertainment, musicals, and many more. Since it founded in 2012, many musical project that had been done, such as live performance “A War to Remember“ concert (full orchestra formation), musical drama “Medicabaret V“ (collaboration with Prof. Dr. dr. Eka Jualianta Wahjoepramono, SpBs, Ph.D.), UPH Festival 2017 etc.

In addition to live performance, Worldwide Music Production works together with movie and television industry and some of the advertising agency to broad the network. Besides work in the entertainment industry, Worldwide Music Production also provides some entertainment packages in the form of band, chamber, even orchestra. Worldwide Music & Production is also equipped with home studio recording, mixing & mastering studio.

website : www.budikristanda.com
Instagram : worldwide.music.id
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